If you found this page it means you really want to know who we are and what we do, well Nextbabies is a blog where you can read and know more about gender selection and techniques involved in it.

Gender selection is like a dream from the past, and like many other dreams, it has come true in the current century. It may seem impossible but with the help of recent developments in science, gender selection has been made a reality; couples can now choose the gender they would like to have before the child is born, and the explanatory procedures and techniques to achieve this is what we offer in Nextbabies

My Story

My name is Emma Taylor, founder and owner of Nextbabies. I’m thirty nine years of age, happily married to my lovely husband Jonathan with two kids of ages six and eight. My aim with this blog is to reach out to couples all over the world who has lingering interest in gender selection and would love to decide their baby’s gender before birth.

I personally want to tell you how Nextbabies came to be. Now as a mother and a married woman, I strongly believe in family balancing; this is when the number of females in a family is the same as the number of male. After I delivered my first child; my lovely son, I picked an interest in gender selection and set out to investigate the procedures and techniques involved. After a very long research and study of these techniques, we were able to choose the gender of our next baby; my beautiful daughter, who was born two years after her brother.

The Taylor family - Nextbabies

It was after the birth of my daughter that I decided to open Nextbabies. I wanted to share my experience with couples all over the world, who have interest in gender selection and for one reason or the other haven’t been able to go through with it.

This blog is for you!

Emma T.