Best Gender Predictor Kits

Pregnant couple

Knowing whether it’s a boy or a girl might not be a big deal for some people, but for most it is. It determines how the walls will be painted, what the colors of the booties will be. That’s where gender prediction kits come in.

Gender prediction kits come in numerous forms. Some kits come in boxes and contain a host of accompaniments to help soon-to-be mothers with their tests while others contain simple ready-to-use test tubes. Using a gender prediction kit to confirm the gender of a child is a good way for parents to start preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy.

The results of gender prediction kits aren’t always accurate- that’s true for even the best gender predictor kits. However, they are a great way for pregnant women to find out the gender of their children without going through invasive procedures like chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and amniocentesis. After all, all prospective mothers need to do is pee in a cup or prick their fingers to get their results.

There’s also something about having fun with the gender prediction process that makes gender prediction kits suitable presents at gender reveal parties. Playing gender guessing games before taking the test helps future mothers build stronger connections with those around them- their spouses, friends, and family.

Top Gender Predictor Kits 2018 according to reviews

1. SneakPeek Early Gender Prediction Test

The SneakPeek early gender prediction test is a ready-to-use home gender prediction test that mothers can use to obtain 98.9% accurate results from the comfort of their homes. The kit comes with its own add-ons including 3 sharp lancets and a test tube to help collect and ship blood samples.

Key Characteristics

  • It can help mothers know if it’s a boy or a girl as early as 5 weeks into the pregnancy
  • At 0.3 oz., it’s light enough for packaging
  • The test is based on DNA testing
  • It’s a home-use predictor kit that complements lab services
  • The SneakPeek early gender prediction test comes in white packaging with an elaborate blue and pink S emblazoned on it
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee

How to Use

The SneakPeek package comes with a wrist tourniquet. After opening the package, a prospective mother should tie it around her wrist. This makes it easier to draw blood when she pricks her finger using one of the lancets (they come in three in case the mothers are uneasy).

The next step is to collect enough blood to fill the test tube provided. To do this, potential mothers will have to hold down the lower part of their fingers. Since the lancets are sharp, the blood collection process should only take around 20 seconds.

After that, the test users can repackage the sample and send it to the lab for processing. The SneakPeek DNA test kit tests for the male Y chromosome, so a positive predicts a boy while a negative indicates a girl. Parents should have their results 24-72 hours after sending in their sample.

What Customers had to say

“The lancet is the best in class for this one,” said Scotyn, who bought her SneakPeek online. “It makes the kit easy to use.” Scotyn miscarried shortly after conducting the test, and she says that knowing the correct gender of her child beforehand helped give her some closure.

2. GENDERmaker Home prediction Test

The GENDERmaker gender prediction home test is a test that’s suited to those women who want accurate results further into their pregnancy. The test is easy-all users have to do is pee and take the test- and getting results is even easier. Those who are not sure why to pick this test over others can consider its $40 price tag (which can run to as low as $25 in other centers) and its 98.8% feedback rate.

Key Characteristics

  • This test weighs in at 0.3oz., light enough to ship easily and carry as a gift
  • It is simple to use, hence potential mothers can use them from the comfort of their homes
  • The test is fast. It takes less than 1 minute to complete and get results
  • The GENDERmaker home prediction test is easy to use
  • It is a hormonal urine-based test
  • Women who are 6 weeks or further along can use this test for fairly accurate results
  • The test is made in the USA
  • Interested parties can buy the test at around $40 in selected legitimate retail centers
  • The GENDERmaker kit has a distinctive green and white testing stick with the GENDERmaker label

How to use the kit

The GENDERmaker prediction test is one of the best gender predictor kits because it’s easy to use, and it comes with everything new parents need to conduct the test.

To carry out the test, the future mothers have to pee into a clean cup that comes with the kit. They then have to let it settle for about 2-3 minutes for cooling. After that, they can fill the GENDERmaker prediction kit dropper and squeeze the urine into the testing tube.

Within 15 seconds of the urine test, parents should know the gender of their child. Colors for the results may vary, but they typically fall into one of the boy or girl ranges in the kit’s color chart.

GENDERmaker, according to its users

Natishia Sanderson, now a happy mother, used GENDERmaker when she was 20 weeks into her pregnancy. “The test said it was girl, and it was!”

3. Momma Bear Prenatal Early Pregnancy Prediction TEST

For mothers looking for fun and easy-to-use gender prediction kit, Momma Bear is a great option. It’s fast and can be used for gender predictions any time after 6 weeks into the pregnancy.

Key Characteristics

  • The Momma Bear prenatal test is a urine-based home-use prediction test
  • It’s made in the United States and typically retails for about $40
  • The test is safe and non-toxic for both the mother and the unborn baby
  • It’s a great non-invasive substitute for other accurate but invasive prediction tests
  • The Momma Bear prediction test is all-natural
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • At 2.6 oz., it’s a bit heavy for a predictor test. However, it does make a perfect gender reveal party gift for the future mom and dad
  • The test comes packaged in a warm pink and blue box with a teddy bear at the front

How to Use Momma Bear Prenatal Early Pregnancy Prediction Test

Users should start by tapping the kit’s test tube to settle the powder within the tube. After that, the potential mothers should pee into a clean prediction kit cup and fill the tube with urine using a syringe. Replacing the cap of the tube and shaking it for 10 seconds will allow the urine and natural powder in the tube to mix.

Comparing the resulting color with those on a color chart should let parents know whether to expect a boy or a girl.

What users say about the Momma Bear prediction test 

“This test is fun to use!”

“I was able to use the test, and I was 16 weeks along.”

4. FortuneBaby Gender Prediction Test

For parents who are more concerned with the fun part of the gender prediction process rather than the planning part of it, FortuneBaby makes the most memorable experience.

Key Characteristics

  • FortuneBaby predictor test is made in the USA
  • The test comes with directions on how to use it and a color chart
  • It retails at about $15
  • FortuneBaby is easy to use as it shows two main colors- pink and blue
  • It’s a one-time home-use gender prediction test
  • The test is urine-based
  • The FortuneBaby gender prediction test comes in yellow and white packaging

How to Use

Like all urine-based predictor tests, FortuneBaby is easy to use. All mothers have to do is pee in a cup, put some of the urine into the testing tube and shake it to get results.

What users say about the FortuneBaby Gender Prediction Test

Couples that have used this product have found it “easy to use and interpret,” “fun” and “unexpectedly accurate.”

Do Gender Predictor Kits Work?

Even the best gender predictor kits are not 100% accurate, at least according to gender prediction kit reviews. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t work.

The most common home-used gender prediction kit is the urine-based variety. When a pregnant woman mixes her pee with the chemicals in the tests, the two combine and react. The color of the resulting compound is usually distinctive enough for the soon-to-be parents to tell if they’re going to have a boy or a girl.

Urine-based gender prediction kits are prevalent not only because they are cheaper than other models but also because they’re scientifically backed. Boys and girls have different predominant hormones. Each of these hormones reacts differently with the testing powder to give the colors new parents love to see.

With urine tests, gender prediction can be a bit hazy as colors range from blue to purple to pink. The kits typically come with their own charts, making interpretation easy for the new parents.

Parents don’t always go for urine-based gender prediction tests. On the contrary, some of the best gender predictor kits come in crisper, more expensive packages. The good news is that they are just as easy to use.

When parents don’t want to rely on hormonal gender prediction tests, they opt for DNA-based kits. With these kits, new mothers only have to take a sample of their own blood and send it out for testing. Within a few days, the lab sends the couple their baby’s gender. Again, not 100% accurate, but definitely within the 80% range.

With so many options on the market, how do new parents choose the best gender predictor kits for them?

What to Consider when getting a Gender Prediction Kit

Two decades ago, knowing the sex of an unborn child was a sort of taboo. People thought that when they knew what to expect, the birth of the child would be anticlimactic. Like receiving a surprise gift wrapped in clear paper.

However, over the years, more and more parents are opting to know their child’s gender before it’s born. The reasons vary of course. Some would like to know simply because they’re curious whereas for others it’s more of a practical decision for them; it would help them decide what to get when they go baby shopping.

Using a gender prediction kit is easy. Most of them even come with instructions on how to go about that.

Gender Prediction Kit Buying Guide: Considerations

  • Cost: The first thing new parents could look at is the price of the kit. Gender prediction kits all perform the same function, so they’d rather get the one that best fits their budget.
  • Purpose: Number two, gender prediction kits vary in accuracy. Those who want to do their tests for the fun of it can have at any kits, so long as it predicts. However, couples that have more serious tests in mind can go for the more expensive, more accurate best gender predictor kits.
  • Availability: New parents also choose which kits to use based on whether they are sold at the local chemist or supermarket, or shipped from halfway around the world. It all boils down to preference and cost.
  • Legitimacy: Brand name prediction kits, such as the ones sold at CVS or Walgreens, are legitimate. Their users know that they’re not toxic or unsafe. Before buying gender prediction kits, hopeful parents should ask around-see if anybody else knows the brand they’re after.

Buying the right prediction kit is important because it changes couples’ relationships. Unsafe tests could harm an unborn child while inaccurate results could be fodder for fun or disappointment.

Not All Gender Prediction Kits are the same

For parents who want to know the gender of their little bundles of joy, gender prediction kits are a suitable option. They’re cheaper and less invasive than other methods. However, before buying one, they should consider how much they want to spend on it, what and why they want the test.

Home urine tests are fun to use, but they’re not usually as accurate as blood tests like SneakPeek’s predictor test. So, choosing a gender prediction test all boils down to one factor: what the future parents want to do with it.