Family Balancing – What Is It?

Family Balancing – What Is It?

A balanced family is considered to be one with an equivalent number of female and male kids.  The desire to have a child of the opposite gender of your child or children is becoming all the more popular.  Technology exists that can inform you about the gender of an embryo even before conception.

Historically, parents had many kids to help in the fields and to guarantee security during their old age. They also had many kids because of the high mortality rate of children under the age of 5.

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In large families it was fairly common to have children of both genders yet in some instances couples had up to 10 children of the same sex in the hope of conceiving a much desired boy or girl. Today, because of economic and social implications, families tend to be a lot smaller, meaning parents want to balance genders.

How Can Family Balancing Be Achieved?

The rapid increase in gender selection interest has seen more clinics offering PGD/PGS treatments for family balancing gender selection purposes.  Many social, moral and ethical concerns are raised busy this new trend with some countries banning all gender selection methods.

Canada, Australia, China and India are some of the countries that have put a halt on these procedures while the USA has made the use of PGD/PGS for gender selection legal and available.

The women will undergo an IVF cycle to harvest eggs from her ovaries which will then be fertilized with her partner’s sperm. The ensuing embryos will be tested to see if they are fine and also whether they are male or female.

These tests are conducted before the embryos are implanted into the uterus so the gender is identified before the commencement of the pregnancy.

Family balancing is achieved using either PGD or PGS technology.  These procedures must be done in conjunction with IVF.

What Is An Ivf Cycle?

Each attempt at pregnancy using IVF is called a cycle, though it is short for IVF treatment cycle. A cycle starts on the first day the woman begins taking the prescribed IVF medications and ends with egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

A patient doing IVF for Family Balancing purposes is said to be undergoing a “Family Balancing Cycle.”

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What Is The Success Rate Of A Family Balancing Cycle?

There are various factors influencing the odds of falling pregnant in a particular IVP cycle. These factors include your age, reproductive history and a number of medical variables.

It is imperative to remember that even though that no procedure can be guaranteed 100% to result in a pregnancy.

How Long Does N Family Balancing Cycle Take?

The time in which it takes to complete and IVF with PGD/PGS cycle, depends on your initial test results and the protocol recommended by your medical practitioner.  It takes on average three months from the first consultation to complete the pre-cycle procedure and first full IVF cycle.

What Is Gender Swaying?

Gender swaying uses the implementation of natural methods in the privacy of your own home to help better your odds of having either a boy or girl. There is unfortunately no guarantee in this approach to family balancing but you can help sway the odds in your favor by making some changes to your lifestyle and diet.

Some swaying elements include timing, supplements, pH changes and more. It is important to do sufficient research to help you determine what is scientifically researched and what is not.

One must remember that family balancing does not refer to the creation of designer children. Science is only capable of analyzing chromosomes which include the gender carrying chromosomes X and Y. You are not able to select your baby’s hair and eye color and level of intelligence etc.

All family balancing is, is the balancing of your family in terms of the gender of your children. It does not refer to selecting the gender of your first-born child unless there is a medical reason for it.

Family balancing is aimed at those couples who already have at least one child and now wish to have a child of the opposite gender. Most families already have more than 2 children of the same gender before they seek out family balancing assistance.

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