Wanting To Conceive A Baby Boy?

Wanting To Conceive A Baby Boy?

Although most couples are happy with a baby of either gender as long as it is healthy, some parents-to-be are desperate to conceive a baby of a specific gender. A lot of fathers want nothing more than a boy to do boyish things with while many mothers also yearn for a son to adore.

So how does one go about conceiving a boy? Apart from gender selection by means of IVF there are various tips and tricks that are said to stack the odds in your favor when it comes to the gender of your child.

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If you have your heart set on conceiving a boy there is absolutely no harm in trying any one or all of the following tips and tricks.

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Tips On Conceiving A Baby Boy

Have Sex While You Are Ovulating 

Male sperm might be faster swimmers but they also die faster than female sperm and for that reason you should have sex as close to ovulation as possible.  The success of this depends entirely on a couple’s willingness to track the ovulation and whether they are available to have sex with each other during these crucial hours.

To increase your chances of conceiving a boy it is recommended that you have sex no earlier than 24 hours before ovulation or 12 hours afterwards.

How to Know That You Are Ovulating:

  • You might notice changes in your cervical mucus. Fertile mucous has a consistency similar to egg white – clear, watery and almost pliable. It is also less acidic than usual which benefits the sperm tremendously.
  • A lot of women develop a unique pain on one side of the lower pelvis. This occur half-way through their monthly cycle.
  • You may experience an increased libido and feel more relaxed during ovulation.
  • Your basal body temperature will increase. This is the lowest temperature which is achieved by your body while you sleep or rest. You will experience a rise in this temperature by a couple of degrees just before you ovulate.
  • You can use an ovulation kit that will detect the hormonal changes that occur during ovulation

Watch What You Eat

Male sperm seems to prefer alkaline environments. You can adapt your diet to increase your body’s alkalinity. Experts recommend staying away from acidic and spicy foods as well as dairy.

Eat more potassium-rich foods such as broccoli and bananas and feel free to indulge on red meat, avocado and potatoes.

Enjoy Your Orgasms

Orgasms are another reliable way to produce the alkaline environment that is beneficial to conceiving boys. Having an orgasm also triggers the contracting of the vagina which assists in pushing the sperm towards where they need to go.

No More Missionary Sex  

If you are serious about conceiving a boy, deep penetrative sex is recommended.  Take a break from the missionary position and experiment with positions that will allow for deeper penetration such as doggy style or standing-up sex.

This will deposit the sperm closer to the uterus, giving them a shorter distance to travel and the male sperm a greater chance of fertilizing the egg.

Ditch The Briefs 

Male sperm are very heat sensitive and it is therefor a good idea to tell your partner to swap his tight briefs for loser fitting boxers. Briefs tend to hug the testicles close to the body which increases their temperature. In turn this may reduce the quantity of sperm produced which could affect conception.

Consume Caffeine 

Caffeine could give the male sperm an added boost.  Have your man drink a cup of coffee or energy drink before sex to see the Y laden sperm swim to their destination faster.

Check The Chinese Lunar Calendar

This method has been around for hundreds of years and has thousands of people swearing by it. It utilizes the mom’s age and the month in which conception takes place to determine the gender of the baby.

By using the calendar you can determine which month you need to conceive in to get a baby of the gender you are hoping for. 

Just keep in mind that most of these methods are based on folk tales and their efficiency cannot be guaranteed. If you are looking for a cost effective and reliable method of gender prediction then have a look at ‘’Pick The Gender Of Your Baby’’.

Just remember that the very best outcome of any pregnancy is a healthy baby, regardless off the sex.

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