Wanting To Conceive A Baby Girl?

Wanting To Conceive A Baby Girl?

Although having a happy and healthy baby is what is most important some parents yearn for a baby of a specific gender. A lot of moms want nothing more than a little girl to raise while many dads also desire a little princess to call their own.

How would one go about conceiving a girl? Gender prediction has been around for hundreds of years and there are various tricks and tips you can use to try stack in the odds in your favor. IVF treatments are an expensive yet reliable method of gender selection but that is not your only option.

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If IVF is not a viable option and you are longing for a little girl consider one or all of the following:

Tips On Conceiving A Baby Girl

There are many contradicting reports surrounding the efficiency of what many consider to be nothing but folk tales. Although these methods won’t harm you chances are most of them won’t be successful either.

It is recommended that you either visit your medical practitioner or check out ‘’Pick The Gender Of Your Baby’’ for a natural and effective gender selection method.

Have Sex 2-3 Days Before Ovulation

Female sperm are larger than male sperm and also slower swimmers. They also live longer than their male counterparts.

By having sex before ovulation instead of after you may be giving the girls an advantage as by this time, only the female sperm should be left to fertilize the egg.  This is not easy to time and by having an irregular cycle you can end up conceiving a boy regardless of your efforts.

Shallow Sex is Best

Female sperm thrive in acidic conditions like the entrance to the vagina. Having missionary sex is said to increase your chances of conceiving a girl as penetration is not deep.

Ejaculating as far away from the cervix as possible allows the female sperm the time to reach the egg and fertilize it while the male sperms die off.

Skip the Orgasms 

You might question the purpose of sex without orgasms but it is all to increase your chances of conceiving a girl. Female orgasms increase the alkalinity of the vagina, creating a hostile environment for the female sperm.

Change Your Diet 

You can regulate your body’s alkalinity through your diet.  Remember that you want to provide the female sperm with a more acidic environment in which to flourish. Make sure to consume less salt, caffeine and potassium rich food such as potato while increasing your magnesium and calcium intake.

Good choices for woman wanting to conceive girls are: Rice, turkey, chicken, green beans, cherries, cheese, eggs and berries. Calcium and magnesium supplements are also a viable option.

Have More Sex 

In the days leading up to your ideal conception window you should have as much sex as possible. This will decrease your partner’s sperm count which means there will be less fast-swimming male sperm racing towards the egg which is great news for the female sperm.

Take a Bath

Many people believe that male sperm are heat-sensitive. Having a hot bath prior to sex can help to weaken the male sperm ready for release.

Buy a Sex Selection Kit

These DIY kits are based on the Shettles theory of conceiving before ovulation.  They are available in Boy and Girl ‘variants’ and include items such as a ovulation predictions test sticks, thermometer, douches, herbal extracts and vitamins.

Although some kit manufacturers claim a 96% success rate some medical professionals say that that these claims hold no scientific merit.

You track your ovulation cycle by using the thermometer and urinating on the test sticks. If you follow the Shettles method, you have sex two to four days prior to ovulation if you want a girl.

The purpose of the douche is to change the vaginal environment to benefit either the male or female sperm depending on the kit you purchase.

For the majority of couples the most important factor is to conceive a healthy baby. If you long for a girl you can try the above methods or you can check out ‘’Pick The Gender Of Your Baby’’ for a shocking natural and effective gender selection method.

While there may be a lot of anecdotal evidence surrounding the methods above there is no guarantee that it will work for you.

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